Meet the PSL’s: Larissa

Meet our Peer Student Leader: Larissa!


Meet: Larissa!

Native or Transfer Student? Transfer

From Where? Kean University

Major/Program? Lingusitics (Teacher Ed- ESL)

Minors? N/A

Why did you choose Montclair? Has a great teaching program, and was really excited about the Linguistics problem. Always knew this was the place to be, excited to finally be here.

Activities/Extracurricular’s? Peer Success Leader, Work at the Grad School, Work with IT, Substitute teacher, Dance Salsa!

Favorite place to eat? (On and Off Campus) On campus: Rarely eat on campus, but excited about Au Bon Pain! Off Campus: None in particular, I’ll go where other people are going!

Favorite Place to study? My Room! The only place I can concentrate.

Anything you would like to add or say to the new class of transfer students? “Enjoy, Enjoy it. Montclair has a lot to offer to students here. Choose wisely, there’s so many options and organizations here, but if you yhave the time, its worth getting involved.”


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