Learning Outside of the Classroom!

We have always been told that education is the key to success. What we learn in the classroom gives us a foundation and theory for application. But let’s get real for a second! Have you heard recently that many employers are not solely looking for a Bachelor’s degree but also experience? You may ask yourself, “how do I get experience? Or where do I start?” Before we get into those answers let’s start with, “when do I start?”

It all starts now!

With September finished and registration looming, it’s the perfect time to start doing research on Co-Op and internship opportunities.

Having experience in your desired field of study will not only boost your resume but it can also help start the process of networking with future employers. This includes a variety of places that you can get internships, both paid and unpaid, including here at Montclair State University. Many major departments allow this experience to count as credits toward your degree (Check with your faculty advisor or career counselor for more information!).

Many jobs markets are becoming increasingly competitive. Making ourselves more knowledgeable in the experiential field allows for more marketable future professionals and increased skill sets essential to many positions following graduation.

So where to start? Visit the Center for Career Services and Cooperative Education to learn more about the opportunities. Also make sure to make an appointment with a career services counselor to become more knowledgeable on the process. Here are some things you need to know:

  • Students must apply one semester prior to the co-op/internship.
  • Students must have a minimum of a 2.0 GPA.
  • Students must have a minimum of 30 credits at Montclair before application.
  • This requirement may be circumstantial per department so speak to your faculty advisor.
  • The 30 credits requirement may be waived to transfer students with an Associate’s degree and second Bachelor’s students.
  • For further information contact the Center for Career services and Cooperative Education.

Let’s not wait any longer. Find out about what Co-op and Internships opportunities will help give you the experience and knowledge you need for your future career!

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