Following our Student Leaders!

Ever wonder how to get involved in on-campus activities just like the student leaders you see on campus?!?

Commuters and residential students alike have the opportunity to attend a multitude of events for many different organizations.  Check out Kyle from the Office of Academic Success and Retention Programs…

Kyle is:

A Peer Success Advisor- Academic Success & Retention Programs
A Resident Assistant – Machuga Heights
A Peer Leader/Advisor- Center for Advising & Student Transitions
A Peer Educator/ Mentor- Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Center
A Box Office Assistant- Peak Performance Box Office
An Usher– Kasser Theater
Check out HawkSync for an up to date listing of happenings on and off campus!!

On October 13th, Our Peer Success Advisor Kyle ventured out of Webster hall to see what’s going on around campus.  Kyle attended the Make Your Own Photo flipbook and Chip-and-Dip event hosted by SLAM (Student Life At Montclair) in the student Center Ballrooms.

“The event was packed and the chips were delicious. Most importantly, everyone seemed to be having fun. I even got a free pillow pet out of it!” said Kyle, acting as a transfer student liaison, “I was so excited to run into some transfer students at the event. They were really getting into involvement at Montclair and their flipbooks were hilarious. It was great seeing them in a group again after orientation. I remember one of them telling me that when she was transferring she was looking just for a school with her program; instead she got that and so much more. She found a community.”

Stay tuned and find out where else you can bump into a Peer Success Advisor Like Kyle on Campus!


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