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12 Days Before the End of Finals (10th Day)

On the 10th day before the end of finals, my Advisor reminded me…

Of the 10 Student Staff Jobs… (Future Opportunities!!!)

DSC_0037 fix

Do you want to be a part of our department?!?  We are excited about bringing in a new staff to assist in our summer endeavors.  Take a Chance to check out what our current student staff members are doing now Here.

To get involved, feel free to reach out to our department to learn more about the opportunities we have to offer.  Send us and e-mail at or call in at 973-655-4162 with questions or interest.

“A boss creates fear, a leader confidence.  A boss fixes blame, a leader corrects mistakes.  A boss knows all, a leader asks questions.  A boss makes work drudgery, a leader makes it interesting.  A boss is interested in himself or herself, a leader is interested in the group.” ~Russell H. Ewing

Be a Part of something more.  Take a break from finals (a short one) to see what our office can do for you, and what you can do in the future to help others.  Follow us on Twitter @MSU_ASRP for more updates and future interest sessions on becoming a Student Leader with ASRP.


12 Dining Options

11 Campus Sports Teams

12 Days before the end of Finals (11th day)

On the 11th day before the end of finals, my Advisor reminded me…

Of the 11 Campus Sports Teams…

Finals can obviously be daunting…  It’s a lot of studying, over a prolonged period of time.  Giving your mind no time to recharge can make it more difficult to retain information, and even more difficult to motivate yourself into the next subject…the next final.  Taking a positive break can be an effective method to motivation through these last few days of finals.    Check out the 11 teams Montclair State University has to offer:

  1. Baseball (Men’s)
  2. Basketball (Both) M W
  3. Field Hockey (Women’s)
  4. Football(Men’s)
  5. Lacrosse (Both) M W
  6. Soccer (Both) M W
  7. Softball (Women’s)
  8. Swimming and Diving (Both) M W
  9. Indoor Track and Field (Both) M W
  10. Outdoor Track and Field (Both) M W
  11. Volleyball (Women’s)

But how do we balance a positive break vs. Procrastinating into the realm of “Oh my god, where did the last 4 hours go?”??

Try some of these tips to balance effective study breaks…

  1.        Plan your events in advanceIt might sound silly, but we aren’t robots.  Mindless activities can be prepped in advance, giving you an opportunity to wind down and recharge.  Planned time can help eliminate the need for an impromptu start of an entire season of ____ (Insert the name of a TV show you weren’t planning on watching until your Organic Chemistry book was open in front of you).  Make a schedule and stick to it, it will help you maintain consistency.  Have you considered a Red Hawk game/match in between finals or as a break?
  2.        STUDY BUDDY!!!  Studying in groups can help motivate you in ways you just can’t do yourself.  Beware of the friend who stops every 15 minutes and hits you with “Hey have you seen that Youtube video about the____.” (You get the idea).
  3.        Try a To-do listNo, I don’t mean “Get an ‘A’ on your final” as a bullet point.  Small, manageable, accomplishable tasks that will help motivate you and allow you to take effective breaks.  I.e.:
    1.       Read chapter three
    2.       Grab Food
    3.        Finish Lab project
    4.       Watch2nd half of MSU Basketball Game


Need more Tips?  See an advisor from ASRP today, or Follow us on Twitter @MSU_ASRP


12 Dining Options

The 12 Days Before The End of Finals…

On the 12th day before the end of finals, my Advisor reminded me…

Of the 12 Dining Options…

campus dining mapIt is very important to make sure that you are well nourished while studying for finals. It is way too easy to forget to eat while focusing on the long to do list standing between you and the winter break. We want you to get top marks in your courses, on your to-do list and in nutrition!!

Stop by the various locations on campus (and nearby off-campus) to fuel your brain – and use your Red Hawk Dollars wisely!


Studying for Finals vs. Thanksgiving Dinner (The Similarities and Differences, Gobble Gobble…)


The more you do of it, the more tired you get…

Thanksgiving:  Tryptophan…The amino acid that does or does not make you sluggish?  I’m neither chemist nor mathematician, but the way I look at it: Full stomach + Warmth + Family = Inevitable nap time.

Studying:  Studying brings out the tired in you, for some reason, this is fact.  Ever fallen asleep in a book and woke up frantic two hours later?  (Test studying tips? See CADA today!)

You prep for so long, but you never seem to be ready…

Thanksgiving:   Did we leave something in the oven? Is there enough place-mats and settings?  Is your uncle bringing his new girlfriend?  There is never too much prep work to be done.

Studying:  Seriously?  Did we even go over that chapter in class?

You see people you haven’t seen in forever…

Thanksgiving:  Thanksgiving always brings the family together, but that doesn’t mean you always need know how you are related, or who they are.

Studying:  That girl is still in our class?  I thought she dropped the course in the first week.  (Need we explain the importance of attending classes?)


You are not very happy when it’s over…

Thanksgiving:  Family time is over, no more home cooked meals.  The worry free vacation time is over because heck, Finals are coming…

Studying:  You may or may not be excited about the outcome from the test, but it seems unlikely that you aren’t relieved and happy when it’s over.

You can re-do what you didn’t finish…

Thanksgiving:  Leftovers for a week.  Turkey sandwiches, Soups, reheated potatoes, and more.  If you aren’t sick of Thanksgiving food in a week, you aren’t doing it right.

Studying:   Remember that section you didn’t finish on your exam?  Don’t you wish you could warm that up in the microwave and re-do it 3 days later?

You can’t do it wrong…

Thanksgiving: Family time and warm meals are precious, even when they aren’t done perfectly, you can find solace in the laughs and memories made with your family and friends.

Studying:  Didn’t study the right chapters or maybe didn’t prep enough?   I’m sure your professor will let you know soon enough in the form of red ink.

You are not in it alone, so as we approach the finals season, please feel free to reach out to ASRP for assistance on your journey, or follow us on twitter @MSU_ASRP .  Happy Holidays to all!

Major of the Week…Business Marketing (We haven’t Forgotten You!)

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing

There are various components of business administration; marketing is one of the concentrations offered at Montclair State University. The requirements needed to get into the business administrative with concentration in marketing program are a 3.0 cumulative GPA and a completion of at least 12 college credits. Business marketing bachelor degree holders are obtaining jobs in advertising, market research, product management, public relations, and sales. There are 72 credits within the major.

Skills that are important for Business Marketing majors are perceptional, analytical, creativity, communication, critical thinking, and strategizing. Many celebrities have graduated with a bachleors degree in marketing including but not limited to Laz Alonso, actor, Howard University, Trisha Yearwood, musician, Belmont University, Arnold Schwarzenegger, businessman, University of Wisconsin, and Kevin Costner, director, California State University, Fullerton.

There are a number of organizations that business marketing majors pursue such as, ALPHFA, Montclair State University Marketing Association (MSUMA), and Epsilon Delta Epsilon (EΔE)

If business interests you but you love your major, no problem, add a minor in business.

Batman-Superhero-Funny-Cartoons 9

Stay tuned for More information Regarding The business Marketing Program, And Follow us on Twitter for constant updates and Information @MSU_ASRP

Major of the Week: Psychology!

Screen Shot 2012-09-03 at 23.41.41

This picture is what many students’ think of when they think of a psychology. According to Complete Psychology by Graham Davey (2007), only 15 to 20 percent of psychology majors go on to become professional psychologists or counselors.


So what do the estimated three-quarters of psychology majors end up doing with their degrees? Psychology gives students a wide range of skills that they can use in any workplace such as critical thinking, one on one communication, understanding human behavior, creative thinking skills, etc. Many put their knowledge of psychology to work in countless professions including marketing, business, advertising, criminal justice, education, sales, public affairs, health services, human resources and numerous other areas.


Did you know several celebrities have a degree in psychology such as Lil Wayne, Natalie Portman, Hugh Hefner, Katherine Hepburn, Gloria Estefan, and the list goes on…

Follow us on Twitter for frequent updates on how a Bachelors degree in Psychology, or a Psychology Minor can serve your professional needs..


It’s All Here (Literally, click the links)

For Students ==> the faculty and ASRP alike…

Are here to lend an ear.

Cuz’ what would Montclair as a University be

If not able to say it is ALL here…


Registration has begun and the end is in sight…

Do you know when you start your career?

How many credits to go? What classes to take?

Lucky for you the answer is all here…


Are there holds on your account? GPA too low?

Obstacles sure to bring you to tears?

The dark clouds are shifting, with departmental support

Like MSU, ASRP is all here…


Don’t sit, don’t wait, don’t ponder too long…

For holds will not just disappear.

Come see your advisor to map a clear route,

Remember – your path is right here…


Native student or transfer with #transferprobs of your own…

Common ground is knowing when to STEER.

Our programs, our advisors, our PSA team can help,

Because at Webster, it’s obviously all here…


Now’s the time to grab the wheel

Eyes straight ahead, your destination is near

Get a major, make a plan, get motivated, don’t fear

In Red Hawk Country, with the ASRP #itsallhere.


Directions to WH

Head Towards the Light…

Get it?  It’s a metaphor… We know we have been dormant for a while, but consider this the announcement of our return, our come-back party.  But, we are now headed for the light.  A departmental blog resurgence, fitting to match the growth of the Department.

What once was a 1-2 person powered department is now a movement.  So, what does that mean exactly?

go towards the light

Allow us to introduce our Peer Success Advisor Crew (PSA’s for short)!  We promise more info and a formal introduction in future posts, maybe even a word or comment from them personally.

The Transfer Student Orientation:  Revamped, Reorganized, and Reloaded… (It’s our first, but if the successes match our department’s excitement, you future Redhawks are in for a treat!)

The STEER Program, helping us help you.

Welcoming THE…Kellen Smith-Washington to our department, heading up the adult programs.

And, so much more.  We have a new approach, new members, and are excited about being a bigger resource to you.  Watch out for our weekly Blog Posts, starting Monday, with our first “Major of the Week” post (#MOTW on #MajorMonday).  We are excited to give you a little more info on a new major each week.  For example, did you know Ludacris graduated with a  Music Management Degree from Georgia State University?  I know… Mind Blown.

Follow us on Twitter @MSUAcadsuccess, subscribe to our blog, send us an e-mail, and come visit one of us or our student workers (3rd Floor of Webster Hall –yes, I said Webster).  Regardless of how you do it…do itwe are excited to help you

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